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Show your walls and your visitors that you mean business with this dementedly diabolical rendering of Maxine Killermams from our award-winning song, "Maxine's Killer Mammers"!  Artfully decap-icted by the gleefully grusome David DeGrand of MAD Magazine and Spongebob Comics fame, this 12"x12" heavy stock print is hand signed by the artist as well... which... is... what autographed means we guess.  But yo, these are in VERY short supply (most are reserved for the "Boobey Road" special package) and we won't print more so get your birthday/holiday gifts sorted before they're gone forevs!


Features that cool metallic Sharpie autograph.  We decided blood was too heavy-handed.

Autographed "Maxine" 12x12-inch print

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our Logan Award winning song "Maxine's Killer Mammers" was successful not only because of great performances and clever lyrics...
    So leave it to demented artist David DeGrand to visualize it so eye-poppingly perfect!  Suitable for framing and placing amongst your Van Goghs and Renoirs.  Not recommended for display next to Ansel Adams photos

    We ship vinyl and art in well packaged, industry standard mailers that have those extended edge thingies for corner protection and we seal 'em up all snug with custom Boobles tape.  For real.  We've got 3 designs.  Wonder which one your shipment will have on it?  Only one way to find out!

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