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Meet The Boobles!

Meet The Boobles!

Irreverent, irredeemable, and always cheeky... erm, CHESTY... for a great cause!

A Beatles Parody Band
Beatles parodies
The Boobles B&W

The Boobles are a comedy music super-group made up of members of Beatles tribute bands, north Texas' best local musicians, symphony orchestra members, a string quartet, college students, at least one guy from the movie "Powder" and some of the biggest and breast parody artists in comedy music... all for the sole purpose of raising funds for breast cancer research!  Amazing!

The Fab Two-Pair are more of a collective than a traditional band, with many diverse individuals donating their talents to create the titular musical menagerie manifesting money for melons:


The Boobles are:

Juan Mellon

Raul McHeartteats

Jorge Chesterson

Gringo Tarrt

The Boobles proudly support:

"All we are saying... is give teats a chance!"

- Juan Mellon

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