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All Profits donated to breast cancer research!

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From Dimension 36D comes comedy music's most ambitious, most ill-advised, most charitable album EVER! Comprised of a collective of the most talented tribute-band artists in Texas and some of the most cacophonic creators of comedy music in the 21st century, "Boobey Road" is the crowning achievement BY boobs FOR boobs!

"Boobey Road" is: Irreverent. Reverent. Smart. Stupid. Funny. Serious... well, serious about raising funds for research!

The final double-album by The Fab Two-Pair is many things all squished together, bunched up, and cinched tight... and, in the end, it's up to you to decide where "Boobey Road" leads you! But one thing is for sure, we love boobs so much that we donate ALL profits to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for a cure!

Love us or hate us, laugh or loathe, bounce along or want us bounced, "Boobey Road" is just what it is: an album of parody songs about boobs! No political or sociological agenda, no over-raunchiness to merely shock and offend, just 100% Beatles parody songs about boobs!

Don't like what we're doing? Then please bypass the download and go directly to and make your donation, no harm, no foul. Cancel breast cancer, not comedy.

And don't forget our first album, "The Pink Album"!

Still available!