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OH MY!!  This bundle is a limited edition Boobles website exclusive!  To celebrate being Needlejuice Records' 69th release (heh heh, huh huh), we stuffed all we could into this one, brah, and limited this package to only 69 copies!

Boobey Road: The More-Than-A-Handful Limited Edition Package, includes:

- 2 LPs on boob-colored vinyl

- EXCLUSIVE alternate, peelable, "Milker" cover, hand-applied and numbered by Juan Mellon of The Boobles, strictly limited to 69!

- Double-sided drumhead/'toon-group slipmat

- 12"x12" "Maxine" print, autographed by artist David DeGrand

- 12"x12" bonus print of the original cover art so you don't have to peel!

- 7" single of "All You Need Is Jugs" b/w "Dear Prudish" on pink vinyl

- A Boobles-branded 45 rpm record adapter (black or yellow at random)

- Exclusive Boobles Drumhead button

- Boobey Road crossing sticker

- Exclusive "Maxine" sticker

- Exclusive Boobles drumhead magnet

- Digital Download cards for the album and single

- Comes in resealable protective bag with hype sticker

Boobey Road: The More-Than-A-Handful Limited Edition Package

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We don't have to tell you that one of the rarest and most coveted records ever produced was the infamous banned "Butcher" cover for "Yesterday And Today".  You had to meticulously peel off the boring ol' suitcase cover they slapped on top of that Mona Lisa of photograpy... and you just ended up ruining the dang thing.
    FEAR NOT!  OUR peelable cover is actually peelable!  Made from bona-fide wall graphics space-age mumbo jumbo materials, this probably-should-be-banned cover is legit peelable and restickable (which we don't recommend, but you be you).  Comes with an art print of the original cover art so you don't have to do any actual peeling and resticking, because getting it on there in the first place was tough enough!

    We ship vinyl in well packaged, industry standard mailers that have those extended edge thingies for corner protection and we seal 'em up all snug with custom Boobles tape.  For real.  We've got 3 designs.  Wonder which one your shipment will have on it?  ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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