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Much like a fine bra for your platters, this high quality turntable slipmat will cradle your vinyl in a style that will lift and separate this from other slipmats!

One side features the Boobey Road drum head and the other side reveals classic Boobles cartoon art by Kyle Carrozza, AKA TV's Kyle, AKA the guy what sings on our award winning song, "Maxine's Killer Mammers".  He's cool.


Features well-placed spindle hole.

Double-sided Turntable Slipmat

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Much like the Maxine art print, these are only available here and most are reserved for the "Boobey Road" special package, so grab one of these exclusive double-sided slipmats before they are GONE!!

    We ship vinyl in well packaged, industry standard mailers that have those extended edge thingies for corner protection and we seal 'em up all snug with custom Boobles tape.  For real.  We've got 3 designs.  Wonder which one your shipment will have on it?  Only one way to find out!

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