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The titular double-album by The Boobles on pink "boob-colored" viny, full color inserts, and digital download card!  Also available at Needlejuice Records on this and other formats, so if you'd like to bundle with a cassette or CD (not offered here) please visit the Needlejuice website.


Released 13 July, 2021

Created and produced by Seamonkey (Eric Tomme)
Engineered by Glenn Milam
Mixed and Mastered at Room 5 by Mark Pistel
The Boobles are:
"Big Mike" Richardson
Rodney Bollinger
Brad Swiger
Paul Averitt
with Chris Holt, Jeff Dazey, Daniel Hardaway, Chris Mezzolesta, Glenn Milam and Eric Tomme
Extra production and thanks to Mark Pistel and Bob Emmett.
Eternal effigies to Barret Hansen AKA Dr. Demento and The Dr. Demento Show!
Cover art and design by Eric Tomme for SMart Designs
Boobles cartoon art by Aron Shay, Kyle Carrozza, David DeGrand
All parody lyrics by Eric Tomme

Boobey Road double vinyl LP

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 2 deliciously pink platters of 180g vinyl are nestled inside a glorious gatefold that also houses 2 full color inserts and a digital download card!  If you're a fan of boob-songs, this is the chance to hold our two round pink things in your hands!

    We ship vinyl in well packaged, industry standard mailers that have those extended edge thingies for corner protection and we seal 'em up all snug with custom Boobles tape.  For real.  We've got 3 designs.  Wonder which one your shipment will have on it?  ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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