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This single from the album "Boobey Road" features the single version of "All You Need Is Jugs" with an exclusive b-side, "Dear Prudish", not available on the album.  Comes with a FREE Boobles 45 rpm record adapter, while supplies last!  Also available from Needlejuice Records.


Released 13 July, 2021


Features Hot Pink vinyl action, a free 45 rpm adapter while they last, and even a download card!

All You Need Is Jugs / Dear Prudish 7" vinyl single

SKU: NJR-070
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The single version of "All You Need Is Jugs" contains an extra appearance by Devo Spice and Linzilla that is not on the album version, plus a non-LP B-Side featuring Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad!

    We ship vinyl in well packaged, industry standard mailers that have those extended edge thingies for corner protection and we seal 'em up all snug with custom Boobles tape.  For real.  We've got 3 designs.  Wonder which one your shipment will have on it?  ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

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