Keeping Abreast!

Indiegogo Campaign for "Boobey Road" Launches this Month!

The Boobles have put together an Indiegogo campaign to finish up their final double-album, "Boobey Road"! The campaign is to raise additional funds for mixing, mastering, and final cover art. The goal is only $2200 and perks include:

- Exclusive holographic stickers,

- Advance digital copy of the album,

- Fundraiser-exclusive digital "Boobles Anthology" of studio outtakes, behind the scenes video/photos, different mixes and more,

- Your face in our cover art,

- The Ultimate Boobles Sugar Daddy/Mama package with a Co-Executive Producer credit; album co-dedication (great for a loved one affected by breast cancer); the Everything Boobles Schwag Bag (which is really a box) including a Booblehead Doll, pint glass, coffee mugs, Sgt. Pumper vinyl banner, poster, tie-dye t-shirt, 5-pk of Boobles "signature series" can koozies, every sticker, magnet, pin, zipper-pull, or anything else we've ever made, classic silicone wristband, a copy of The Pink Album CD... just basically one of everything we can find!!!

- Co-producer credits for everyone at or above the advance digital copy level!!!

The campaign launches August 27, 2020 on! We'll add the full link here at launch.

Til then, hang loose, bras!

~Dr. Robert