Keeping Abreast!

The Boobles are developing....

Our contributors of comedy is growing for "Boobey Road". Joining us for appearances on the daring double boob-rock masterpiece (so far) are Dr. Demento, Red Peters, Bonnie Gordon of Library Bards, Carla Ulbrich, Worm Quartet, Bonecage, Carrie Dahlby, Steve Goodie, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, TV's Kyle, the great Luke Ski, Robert Lund and a gaggle of the finest Beatles Tribute guys like Paul Averitt, Brad "Bradle" Swiger, Big Mike Richardson, Christian Rios, Chris Holt and Rodney Bollinger! The kicker? There's more to come! Once all songs are cast we'll provide info on when that whole Kickstarter-ish thing is gonna happen! Kick! (just wanted to say that again) Kick,

~Dr. Robert