The Pink Album! Special Package

The First Album By America’s Biggest Boobs!

This first-pressing spe­cial pack­age includes a Boobles post­card, logo but­ton, Melon sticker and The Boobles’ first album, “The Pink Album!”

Eleven instant com­edy boob-rock clas­sics!:
1. We Love Boobs!
2. Oh Won’t You Show Your Cans!
3. Wear A Bra!
4. Breasts Are Great!
5. You’re Grow­ing Boobs Now, Girl!
6. My Baby Mama!
7. Breast­man!
8. Hoot­ers Up The Street!
9. Wardrobe Mal­func­tion!
10. Dou­ble Ds!
11. Fake Boobs!

All this is YOURS with your $15 dona­tion + ship­ping and han­dling costs! Your $15 dona­tion ben­e­fits The Breast Can­cer Research Foun­da­tion (!!

(Gen­eral Rule of Thumb for ship­ping is 1–2 pack­ages is $3.00, 3–6 is $6.00, 7–9 about $11.00 and 10 and up about $15.00. Quan­ti­ties of 3 or more are sent Pri­or­ity Mail! )

Price: $15.00

Original "Pink Album" intro track: Into Dimension 36D!

Orig­i­nally, “The Pink Album” was to have a few wacky skits on it, but after care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion we decided that they didn’t quite fit, so they were unfor­tu­nately shelved.

“Into Dimen­sion 36D!” was the orig­i­nal album opener, meant to “explain” The Boobles, but in the end there’s no need to explain it… Breasts Are Great!

Star­ring Dr. Demento reg­u­lars Chris Mez­zolesta of Power Salad (and Kaopec­tate com­mer­cials!), the great Luke Ski, and Dan from the UK’s Flat29, with sci-fi sounds by Jack Dan­gers of Meat Beat Man­i­festo fame, used with per­mis­sion (gra­cias, Jack) from his “For­bid­den Planet Explored/Sci-Fi Sound Effects” discs.  Snazzy!

Down­load it for free (<- right-click here and Save As) and try it as the album opener just before “We Love Boobs!”

Price: $0.00



"We Love Boobs..." Silicone Wristbands

It was only a mat­ter of time before The Boobles had their own fundrais­ing sil­i­cone wrist­band… and that time is NOW!

One side sports our web­site addy while the other declares, “We Love Boobs, Yeah Yeah Yeah!“
Debossed black wrist­bands with hot pink ink injec­tion! Fab!

Price: $3.00

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