Our 1st official donation is made!

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We want your funds in action NOW, so The Boobles has made the 1st of what we hope to be MANY MANY MANY dona­tions to The Breast Can­cer Research Foun­da­tion!

Your gen­eros­ity has helped us get started, man­u­fac­ture our first album and get this crazy project to fund breast can­cer research chug­ging along now on its own steam!  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR BOOBLES BRAS!

So on the heels of all that blah blah blah, we’re proud to have donated $1,800.00 to The BCRF today!  Go you!!!
We still have PLENTY of copies of “The Pink Album”… we haven’t hit the Bill­board Hot 100 just yet… so be sure and spread the word about what we’re doing!  Your mother should know!

I’m done talk­ing now.  I leave you with the appre­ci­a­tion email sent from The BCRF… after all, it’s addressed to all of YOU!
Ta ta for now,
( . ) Dr. Robert ( . )

From The BCRF:
“On behalf of Eve­lyn Lauder and our entire team, thank you for your thought­ful con­tri­bu­tion of $ 1,800.00 to The Breast Can­cer Research Foun­da­tion. Your dona­tion will spon­sor the life­sav­ing research of bril­liant sci­en­tists from around the globe, whose work holds the great­est promise to elim­i­nate breast can­cer in our lifetime.

This year, BCRF is award­ing $33 mil­lion in grants to 172 researchers who have been care­fully selected by our Sci­en­tific Advi­sors. These men and women are lead­ing the most advanced and ground­break­ing breast can­cer inves­ti­ga­tions world­wide. Our researchers aim not only to uncover the under­ly­ing causes of breast can­cer, towards a goal of pre­vent­ing it, but also to develop more effec­tive treat­ment strate­gies — and ulti­mately a cure — for the dis­ease. BCRF-funded projects have sig­nif­i­cantly advanced our under­stand­ing of how genet­ics, as well as lifestyle fac­tors such as diet and exer­cise, may influ­ence a person’s like­li­hood to develop breast can­cer. Our inves­ti­ga­tors’ work has also shed light on how and why breast can­cer metas­ta­sizes and recurs. Your sup­port fuels these break­throughs and achieve­ments, and thanks to your gen­er­ous com­mit­ment, BCRF sci­en­tists are bring­ing world-class breast can­cer care to peo­ple on every continent.

You can be con­fi­dent that the max­i­mum amount of your dona­tion will sup­port life­sav­ing research. Cur­rently, we direct more than 90 cents of every dol­lar donated to breast can­cer research and aware­ness pro­grams. With our excep­tion­ally low admin­is­tra­tive costs, BCRF con­tin­ues to be one of the most effi­cient orga­ni­za­tions in the coun­try. We have received 4 stars from Char­ity Nav­i­ga­tor for nine con­sec­u­tive years, and we are con­sis­tently listed as an “A+” char­ity by The Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Phil­an­thropy (AIP). BCRF is the only breast can­cer orga­ni­za­tion to hold AIP’s top acco­lade, and we are cur­rently the only can­cer orga­ni­za­tion to have this ranking.

Thank you again for your sup­port and for believ­ing in our mission.

With warm regards,

Myra J. Biblowit

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