Boobles Get Press’ed

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We were super-bummed when our local ABC affil­i­ate can­celled The Boobles’ TV appear­ance (we’ll wait for Ryan Seacrest to come call­ing), but we’ve been mega-excited over the nods we have received recently!

The Boobles will be fea­tured this week in our city’s local weekly rag… Fort Worth Weekly!  Fab!  If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, pick one up while you’re out!

Our local classic-rock sta­tion, Lone Star 92.5 KZPS, had The Boobles in their stu­dio for The Bo & Jim Morn­ing Show’s “Fun With Music Day”, where Juan and Gringo, joined by a spe­cial line-up includ­ing Paul Averitt from “A Hard Night’s Day”, come­dian Robert Hawkins, and Jim and Randy from the show, per­formed an unre­leased, live-only song, “Tease Tease Me”!  Lis­ten here!

The Boobles have been fea­tured many times on the leg­endary Dr. Demento Show includ­ing 3 songs mak­ing the Top 10 most requested lists for March and April!  Wanna put YOUR fave Boobles song on the charts?  Click here to enter a request, and then lis­ten to the Doc­tor of Demen­tia online each week for the best in funny music and crazy comedy!

It was an honor to be fea­tured by Bob Rivers on his Seat­tle morn­ing show!  The man who for­ever changed — er, TWISTED — Christ­mas music spoke with Juan Mel­lon about The Boobles and the Wash­ing­to­ni­ans RESPONDED!  A large amount of the dona­tion total we have now is because of Bob’s fans.  We love you sup­port­ers, yeah yeah yeah!!

There’s more talkin’ up to do for “The Pink Album”, includ­ing the Johnny Dare Show out of Kansas City com­ing up and where ever else we can expose our­selves!  You know of a radio/media out­let that would be inter­ested in fea­tur­ing The Boobles?  Email juan@​theboobles.​org !

‘Til the next flashing,

~Dr. Robert

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