Boobles fundraising bracelets are here!

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What would a proper fundraiser be with­out sil­i­cone bracelets?  These days you can’t expect some­one to TELL you about the great char­i­ties they sup­port… that would be brag­ging!  A Boobles sil­i­cone bracelet, how­ever, declares your love for boobs AND lets every­one know that you’re a swell per­son with­out all that “brag brag brag”!
PLUS, its great look­ing design will cause you to be the envy of the breast-cancer fundrais­ing com­mu­nity!
The bracelets are avail­able for a dona­tion of only $3 each (mail­ing costs included!) on our Merch page!  Hurry and grab a few today and start all your non-bragging now!
(There’s a joke some­where in the fact that they’re SILICONE bracelets… I just can’t seem to put my fin­ger on it.…)

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